1861 Rating Record - IF Horde Attack - Showtekz gets his trinket!


Me and Baía just got 1861 as 5v5 record! We're now standing on 1852 after 9 wins - 4 loss's. We met some serious teams, and lost some games to very well coordinated teams. We almost lost another game to a team from GB Alliance, very well played by them, nuking Baía, but 4x Lesser Healing Waves with Heroism can do wonders :P


I was doing my daily purchase of enchanting matterials to level up my remaining Konnichiwas, and Showtekz comes desparate to my ts channel: OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! HALP PLOXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HORDE INVADORZ ON IF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HALP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dunno, i always forget to damn fraps it, or take SS's, or wtv...ffs... it was beautiful, i managed to help out the ally's standing outside, and we nuked every single horde! sorry guys, u gotta do more than send ur warriors up front and heal them... 5 LB's and 5 CL's can be serious bussiness

I do think i have a SS at home, two mages (we're becoming friends tbh) sending spits while inside their Ice Blocks :P..ofc that as soon as they got out, they died :(



Everyday i get a message: vais a mgt heroic? (meaning in english: are u taking me to mgt heroic so i can get the 3rd boss dps trinket?) IM NOT GONNA REVEAL NAMES!!!!!!!!!!!! muahahah

So i managed to kill Vexallus, who is the biggest pita on that instance, and took the misterious whisperer and Showtekz to the 3rd boss, so they could try their luck, Misterious Whisperer needed DPS trinket.
Showteks needed Tank trinket.

Tank trinket dropped.
Misterious Whisperer cuts wrists with a butter knife.

ahhahaa seriously, this is just a private joke :)

(i'll try to update this with a SS or two, stay tuned, thx for reading)

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