Some world PvP. For a change.

Yesterday, 5 try's on Coren and 2 Direbrew's Remote. Not bad.

3 arena games, the first one to a mirror team but curiously not a multiboxer. 3 enhanc, 1 resto, and one disc priest, all in average gear. It took some time to cut 4 rezers and in the end we won 6 points. wohoo.

The following to games were against one GB team, top 10. 2100+ rating, and we lost both games. On the first i rushed it and screw it. Basicaly i stayed in a place where i couldnt counter attack so... gg.
The next game i focused the priest, switched to the mage and...he went down to... 100hp. Needless to say, they continued to cc Baía a lot, plus counterspell's and it became impossible in the middle of all the nuke, for me to focus someone. So we lost that one too.

There was still time for some fun and i think that...we're becoming world pvp junkies.

Target: Grom'Gol, STV
Objective: Pretty much own the place.

Needless to say, the place was almost empty, just an infinite army of guards, wich doesnt happens on ally side. Hordes can raid our towns and 3/4 guards will harm them. On horde town we can expect up to 30 guards at the same time. Anyways, this is just a detail :P
Clearing our way to get the zeppelin to Orgrimmar and...and a....hmmmm...well.... the zeppeling arrives with around 20 hordes, minimum. All lvl70.

It was an epic, epic ownage, they had healers and all dps classes, and still, against us (9 chars) they got so raped they didnt even tried a massive assault on us, so we decided to say goodbye and went to Orgrimmar.

There we were, front door as usual, and not so many flagged for PvP. Within the next hour they were around 30 or more, and still most of them wouldnt dare to be one shotted.

I will try to get some screenshots from friends, cause when i engage, i dont have nothing else in mind, but after so many years of WoW, some sights are priceless and new. I seriouly hope world pvp will have a boost in WotlK, cause it's too much fun to be outnumbered and still kick their ass's :D

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