Mount Hyjal - Orgrimmar - Undercity [Raids]

Saturday night i got an invite for MH, from my old PvE guild, momentum. They were short on players, and since i was PvE spec for the day, i gave it a try.

It was already late, but we managed to kill the first boss without any problems. Waves we're easy as well, but couldn't compete on dps, since my aoe is limited :) We tried the second boss 2 times, but a tank trying to learn how to catch add's, and very sleepy ppl, didn't gave us a chance. I loved it.

After this, Skir (momentum raid leader) wanted to do something with the raid, like some AV's, but since we were in Tanaris, i shouted, ORGRIMMAR! And so it was!
We went Orgrimmar to kill Thrall, but from 2 hordes at the entrance, we quickly got surrounded by so many i couldnt even count. It was 3am+ and the Horde response was amazing! We had to go out, with Thrall @50% last time i checked, it was incredibly hard, with all the elite guards around him, and the Troll Chieftain, doing massive Hex's on everyone. After this, we decided to go Undercity, via sewers, but again, lot's of Hordes came, and we didn't even passed Varimathras to get to Sylvanas. I must say the Horde cities are much more harder to raid than Alliance ones. Why? Simple. U have close retreat gates, like the Tram in both SW and IF, not to mention the Tinker Town, where Mekkatorque is, u have the tram right there. The horde leaders have a backup by them, in Orgrimmar u get Thrall and the Troll Chief, in Undercity u get Sylvanas with Varimathras that does Shadow Bolt Volleys and AOE Life Drain :P

Loved it, hope we can repeat, this time with even more people :)

I had raided Orgrimmar two days earlier with some friends, and managed to kill 200+ Hordes at Orgrimmar gates, and i also Frapsed, so im thinking of making a movie, with 2 different Orgrimmar raids, and the UC one.

Thx for the fun !

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