S4 Arena Week 8

This Sunday, me and Baía played some arenas once more. Like always, we were determined to go higher, and this time, 1900 was the goal. With only around 10/15 matches a week, we managed to get some good results, but now is time to start doing more, get more rythm as im getting more gear. Im lacking the Pants, Gloves, and some new shoulders. Within the next 2 weeks i'll have 2 of those pieces, and then it's time to push 1950 if we didn't already got it.

Anyways, we did (or better, i did in most cases) some errors that costs us too much. We started the arenas agaisnt a very skilled team, with rogue, mage and enhancement shaman that knew their lesson agaisnt multiboxers, awesome work, and we ended loosing 3 and winning 2 against these guys. Unlike those full Brutal teams we face, we don't Queue Dodge. We never got to see them again, but it was a lesson. Their movimentation and burst attack was incredibly well played. My kudos to them.
We continued, and met again some strange comps, like 2 mages (1 fire, 1 frost) bombing me, and ice blocking at 100 health. A team with a full brutal dpriest/mage/lock/shaman with a fuckin ugly gnome warrior wearing quest items and doing nothing but spell reflect made our longest macth this week, pillar humping break my heart and makes me a sad panda. They lost it anyways.
We also faced the team i wanted to see the most: Jesus Watever
From my pov, they are the best 5v5 alliance side on GB, but i really dunno what players cause their losses lately. I think it was up to the lock and rogue, that being very skilled, idt they knew how to move against a multiboxer. It's like facing a normal team, only a normal team won't NS u for 12k. Comming out and pushing too far, made us win 2 matches out of 3 against these guys, and they are really nice ppl. It only takes them to not see me as a lammer :P Fowl and Dallx are incredibly skilled and along with a great gear they execute their job in perfection. I guess when their in top shape again, i won't even have a chance to meet them at higher ratings, so GL to u.
We also faced a 1100 team like every week, only this time, instead of 3 points, we got 0, nada, niente, rien, nothing!

This week
26 Games
15 Wins
11 Losses
Raised our rating and we're sitting @ 1863

Who could tell a box still wearing S2 could go so far?
Let's hope it will get even further.

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