S4 Arena Week 7

It's been 7 weeks since i reached 70 with my 5 shamans, and started doing PvP. Without multiboxing experience, and only with the help of reading material, i was going for good results, and my main goal was to be successful in Arenas.

In 7 weeks i went from 0 PvP pieces to 1800 Rating with only one Brutal piece. Last week me and Baía reached 1800, but without enough points we couldnt have the S3 weapon. This week things will be different, as we managed to stay above 1800, with 6 wins and 6 losses, so it means Baía will gets his beloved S3 Mace :P. As for me, at start i was all into the S3 mace as well but... i couldnt achieve enough personal rating with 2 of them, and having in mind gear improvement, the Brutal Head will give me more boost than the S3 Gavel, therefore, im going to buy 5 Brutal Helms on Tuesday night, and gem them with a new set of gems: 2 Purple gems and a new meta socket for increased critical damage. This change will bring me up to more 600 damage per NS+EM+CL in arenas. Im tweaking everything i can. We want to go further on arenas. We wont start crying on forums about how op our opponents are. We want 1950 NOW!

Thx for reading :)

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