Never stops getting better

Thats right, it never stops getting better, and i hope that continues for a long time. Arenas ofc :P

This new plan of doing arenas on a daily basis is making our team stronger.
These are the facts after Thursday (yesterday) night arenas:

- #1 Alliance Grim Batol
- #8 Grim Batol
- #48 Misery Battlegroup

Rating Record: 1922
Present Rating: 1914

I could take out all those inactive/disbanded teams and have a much more shiny result but... i don't care.

So we started arenas even later, at 00:00 CET, and we did 8 matches, of which we won 6 and lost only 2. I remember one of the losses, that was against a war/enh shaman/mage/druid/priest, after a strange rush, completly surprising me, but i can't remember the other. All in all, they were great matches, nice opponents, and we start to notice how gear improved our rating lately. Im still with merciless shoulders, gloves, weapon and shield, but the other 3 set pieces are handy.

Apart from all these 2 melee teams, we faced a triple healer team with extrememly well geared warrior and hunter. Their lack of respect towards a lower equiped opponent cost them the match: came into the middle at a certain point, and the warrior thought that would reflect LB all night long, and ended dying like a... 1500 player.
Priest and Warrior down, and the Hunter thought that he could even bother me with 0 mana. it was a Guiê Guiê.

Now the comic part of the night, again Mitrao and his crew:


and the best match of the night, Broculo and Rabanetes:

long story short, this lammer can't even equip his main to do some decent dps. only thing that bothered me, was ur sword applying poison by itself.
again, GG.

So now we're on the road to 1950.
We would love to play against more teams from Grim Batol, but we can't, since at 5am we're usually sleeping and we gotta work the next day.

Btw, thanks for all the visits, today it hit 800 :)

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