ZA cleared, 2 times

After many successful and fast Kara runs, we decided to give ZA a go. It's a bit more complex than Kara, and it actually envolves better preparation, and is tottaly PvP gear unfriendly. I spec'd ToW, got Flasks, food and mana pots. Having Icept on my party (Spriest) was fantastic as well, being able to have those quantities os mana makes it so much easier.

So we managed it all, with my 4 shamans and 2 healers only.

This last time on ZA i took all my shamans, and without ToW and Icept i knew it was going to be a pain in the ass. Managed to kill all boss's with 5 shamans, except Malacrass and Jul'jin. For those i took out 2 shamans. Malacrass is doable with 5 shamans but eventually a mind control on my main Shaman will screw things bad.

Jul'jin is the hardest boss, and the eagle phase is pretty stupid without enough melee DPS. We always struggle on that phase, but still, managed to kill him.

Im impressed that a simple guild of friends, as ours, can do full ZA, when some serious bussiness guilds can't do nothing but 1 or 2 boss's :D

We are now clearing ZA and Kara every week.

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