Blizz dont care about cheating? WTF is that!?

Very concerned rogue.

Hello i played today my normal quality PVP time 8-), and then i encountred an elemental shammy called : Zogzoon, this guy manged to copy himself with bots. now when iam saying bots i mean bots that do exactly what he does and cause dmg+have the same HP and stats as he is. and you can't tell who is the real player. this is plain cheating! i have a few screens i would love for you to see. is this something new in WoW iam not aware of? or blizz going to enforce better laws and ban players such as he?.
he was so powerful that he alone and his 5 bots single handedly took control of all the towers in EotS BG and won 2000-60. take a look at this :


and in this last screen you can see his name all over the list of horde players. ho and btw each bot has his own totem, and when all of them throw a fire nova totem + chainlighting they just meachine gun every one and kill us all. take a look in the list below, each has the name of that player in diffrent ways. such as Zogazon, Zaogzon etc...


i would love for someone to explan that for me

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