EotS sweetness - The power of 2x 5boxers

Came home later yesterday from work, and i was really tired of baby sitting noobs all day. My pc doesnt output sound! Their media player is muted. My pc can't catch wireless! Wireless is turned off. My pc wont work! Their power supply if turned off.

The most amazing things, and so on :P

Anyways, Lilik, the other boxer on our guild, is now farming for his S2, and farming tokens from AB, WSG and EotS can be very hard. So decided to go EotS with him, to grab some tokens for his Merciless Gavel, and in the moment i was riding to the battlemaster, Strickmabil logged, and also came.

The plan was simple: force them to stay on their side towers, BE and FR and perhaps capping them, while Lilik went DR > BE, and i went Middle, grab the flag, and then push FR. It kinda worked out, they got stopped on the DR bridge from BE, but i was unable to stop them from getting Mage Tower, so i got FR instead, and then later, forced MT. The beauty of it is that, u can force a mass attack on a tower just by moving a boxer. The problem with this system is that u move too much ppl from tower to tower, but still, if well played, and along with some good randoms, ur able to win it.

Problem was, from the 4 randoms, 2 were slacking. One pala contantly DC'ing, and a rogue in stealth the whole game behind MT. There was a warrior and a druid doing a nice job though.

So they managed to zerg me and get the flag, so i instantly used reincarnation, and ran after the rogue with the flag, killing him and not letting them cap. Strick was with Lilik, so i had to just play with myself (not what ur thingking about! :P)
The trick is to hold the flag till 1850 or 1900 depending on how many towers u have, and deliver it for a win.
This will tottally own horde, as they go middle and stay there doing nothing expecting the flag... as for taking me down, well, gl on that, ull need lots of aoe, and focused dps on my main, even if u do it, u'll end up dying anyways.

So we won, Lilik got his last 3 tokens for his gavel and i went MGT heroic after that :)

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