AV fun, as always

Yesterday i felt like grinding a bit more honor, to buy a new epic PvP gem (crit+spelldmg) for the new gem set im planning, and since it was AV, even better. The night started bad, with huge lag spikes, so i decided to watch football, since my club was playing, Sporting Lisbon (we won btw, 1-0, we gonna be champions already).

2 hours later i tried again, and joined with the midnight Crew (also known as McCrew, anytime Hongz aka Physicx aka Jeromeskee aka Gohan aka Pirex aka Carloto aka McTasty joins in :P), the regular ppl that i play with.

We went AV for some honor grind and, after a series of wins, we decided to go Balinda defence again. After some time, we couldnt see nothing more than 5 hordes comming, and we said: wtf?
Oh yeah, i oppened the BG tab, and saw a multiboxer on the other side: Zhap and his Crew so i instantly went Galv and prepared an attack. I must say i dont play sissy mode against other boxers, i just go with the flow, whereas normally the boxer on the other side just camp with Grouding.
As so there he was, inside Galvangar, with his totem fest :D i loved it :D Alliance was already saying skip Galv, but i wanted to give a shot. A 5box shaman, with half AV inside Galv = party!
Purged his groundings, blasted the NS, and Baía went to Fear = success!
After that we killed Galv, even with many horde comming at us. From that moment on, i just wanted to go after Zhap. I remember being followed by Zogzuon when i was on quest gear as well, YEAH! Got my ass owned, so i wanted to see how it was, now killing. Managed to kill him many times, without being killed, and in the end, it turned out to be a GY camping at IB GY. I can tell he doesnt know how to setup Tremor Totems, but i guess that will come with time (with that much merciless gear, i should have it figured out already)

It ended, i got some ally whispers from GB ppl saying GZ.
Next AV i join, i get a whisper from.... Zhap himself :P

First thing he says is: it'seasy when ur healer is fearing me.

I thought, wtf, is this guy pissed for loosing ? He had nothing to be ashamed about, at least i have superior gear to his.

Since he had a Druid following him around, i told him to get a Druid with Fear Spec. Whats funny about this is that...hes allowed to have a healer, but because he doesnt fear, its not that much advantage. Right.

He asked something again, but since i was in AV, defending Balinda, i couldnt answer right away. The guy just said: dont wanna chat? very well then. And BAM, ZHAPS GONE! THE HORROR!

Lets face yesterday fun like a warm welcome to the 70's from another multiboxer :) Other Boxers did the same to me :P Hopefully ull get a lesson from it: u cant let a single fear tottally screw u up. Inside galv i had like 10 locks and priest fearing me, and i still beated u :)

It was a great time yesterday, and tonight, ill grab a new Brutal piece! (screw Baía and his precious S3 mace. Ugly fukkin mace. i like the mace :()

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