Here birdie birdie birdie

So i logged last night, after a hard session of PES 2008 on PS2 with my cousin for the World Cup. iSuck :|

Grabed the daily instance to kill some sisters of torment inside MGT, and before actually going MGT HC, i went to the brefest boss ofc! Another 5 kills, another 5 stupid trinkets. 20 Kills, only 1 Ram so far. I just want a Kodo :'(

Anyways, i went MGT HC and this time i didn't get any mysterious whisperers to ninja trinkets! No wipes, Vexallus done at 1st try, and when i reached Kael'thas i called the Beautiful Mace man aka Strickmabil. For our surprise, the mount dropped :) 25 Runs after it dropped for the first time, heres the second, that was for him to loot :D

We went ZG, for the Raptor and Tiger, but i sense it will be a long time before i see any of those drop.

Ended the night joining AV for the daily PvP quest, tottaly owning the horde, and getting some whisper to join my queues, lol.

Don't forget this:
Call to Arms: Alterac Valley! September 26 - September 29

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