Just another normal day

Yesterday, was just another one of those normal days.

MGT Heroic cleared (pains @ Vexallus)
Isle cleared (a horde raid was cleared)
Zul Gurub 140302348459th Run (no mount drops, OFC!)

And before bed, just went for an EotS thats came out being amazing, total pwnage :)

There was a nice moment anyways. I use to remember everyone i always was guild mate, or that i helped, i always manage to remember all nicknames.
Back in WoW Vanilla, i was on a guild called INVICTUS, wich was quite nice, with many ppl, and at the time we were progressing in MC and BWL. I even participated on Rag 1st kill, it was great times, tottally diferent from today. Continuing, as i was walking around on the island, i saw a druid called Xálfur, and as i passed by, i said: "xalfurgates". I knew he would know the meaning but he didnt know me from anywhere, not with these shammies. The meaning xalfurgates was, back in the day, xalfur had large ammounts of gold, always on the AH, watching the market, at least from what i know :)

He immediatly whispered: "who are u?"
I said: "merujo, paladin, invictus time"

He laughed, he remembered me.
Best part is to come. He didnt realized the ammount of shammies there, and when i hit the spreadout macro, he went crazy llolo. "wtf?" "whats this?"

I think "where u get this?" was the correct question. I said it was multiboxing, 5 chars, 5 accounts. He went google it, and against all odds, he liked it. Said it was amazing, how i could control 5 chars with such accuracy. Obviously ppl only see the nice part, because being hit by fears is just crazy for me :P

It was nice, he followed me, i inst gibbed some hordes, and he laughed hard. "I CAN WATCH THIS ALL DAY AHAHA" and so we continued. He was amazed by it, and im glad he liked it. It was nice to see an old face reacting like he did.

Thx for reading.

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